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Find and extract motion events in videos.

Latest Version: 1.6.1 (May 18, 2024)

DVR-Scan is a command-line application that automatically detects motion events in video files (e.g. security camera footage). DVR-Scan looks for areas in footage containing motion, and saves each event to a separate video clip. DVR-Scan is free and open-source software, and works on Windows, Linux, and Mac.


Scan video.mp4 (separate clips for each event):

dvr-scan -i video.mp4

Only scan a region of interest (see user guide or hit H for controls):

dvr-scan -i video.mp4 -r

overlay example

Draw boxes around motion:

dvr-scan -i video.mp4 -bb

overlay example

Use ffmpeg to extract events:

dvr-scan -i video.mp4 -m ffmpeg

Once installed, see the user guide to get started, try one of the examples above, or type dvr-scan --help. Press Ctrl + C to stop processing at any time.

See the documentation for a complete description of all command-line and config file settings.