Bug Reports

Bugs and issues with DVR-Scan are handled through the issue tracker on Github. If you encounter into any bugs while using DVR-Scan, please feel free to create a new issue describing the problem.

Provide as much detail as you can - include an example that clearly demonstrates the problem (if possible), and make sure to include any/all relevant program output or error messages. Any other resources or information required to replicate the issue should be included as well.


The development of DVR-Scan is done on the public Github Repo, guided by the feature roadmap. Code you wish to submit should be attached to an entry in the issue tracker (including the appropriate tags for bugfixes, new features, enhancements, etc...) or submitted as a dedicated a pull request.

This allows for easier communication regarding development and helps ensure that a consistent structure is maintained. Feel free to create a new issue if required, as some planned features or bugs/issues may not yet exist in the tracker.

All submitted code should follow the Google Python Style Guide as closely as possible. Also, ensure that you search through all existing issues (both open and closed) beforehand to avoid creating duplicate entries.

Note that DVR-Scan is released under the BSD 2-Clause license, and submitted code must comply with this license (see License & Copyright Info for details).