Third-Party Software

The following is a list of alternative software that shares some of the functionality of DVR-Scan. Feel free to provide suggestions for software you think should appear on this list by opening a topic in the issue tracker (see the Contributing page for details).

  • SafeMotion by Safeware Technologies (link): freeware, closed source, Windows-only. Also requires OpenCV. Has options for object size, movement scale, and masking.

  • Yawcam by malun (link): freeware, closed source, Windows-only. Requires Java. Has options for detection level sensitivity, tolerance, and area masking.

Other Software/Tools

The following is a list of useful software that is related to the concepts of motion and detection, but without a specific focus on static/security camera footage.

  • PySceneDetect (link): Program for detecting cuts in video scenes based on content detection or intensity thresholding. Freeware, open source, cross-platform, also requires OpenCV.